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Welcome to Darren Hamill Reptiles

Darren Hamill Reptiles has been working with and specializing in captive bred reptile’s animals since the early 90’s. Although I’ve been known in the past for pythons, and monitors, boas are my specialty.

Over the past 20 years I’ve have specialized in B. c. imperator localities and Corallus species. The variation in color of the Central Imperator was such an awesome experience for me. I couldn’t get over the degree of size, color and pattern of the locality boas. Among my favorite boas at the time were nearly solid black type II anerythristic boas. The iridescence of this black boa was far more interesting than anything else on the market at that time.  The locality boas were and still are among the most beautiful animals to work with.

The Corallus group, or “Tree Boas” are even more variable, especially in the Corallus subspecies. Amazons for instance are among the most polymorphic of the tree boas, ranging in color form reds and oranges to brown and grey. Amazons (C. hortulanus) can have litters of baby boas that are in complete color contrast to their parents. They can appear uniquely different in color and pattern from their parents, often darkening or lightening in color as they age. How can a hobbyist not fall in love with these unique boas!

Today the collection consists of various forms of boas such as Central American, Nicaraguan (B. c. imperator) including some generic variants and South Brazilian Bolivian Boas (B. c. amarali), often referred to as “Silver-back Bolivian Boas”.

On the arboreal side of boas, I’m working with a group of Amazon Tree Boas (Corallus hortulanus) and Emerald Tree Boas (Corallus caninus).

This site is dedicated to my collection, please take some time to take a look around and let me know if you see something you like.