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Our First Clutch of MBK Eggs

Our first clutch of MBK eggs has arrived! We have a thing for darkly colored reptiles, and Mexican Black Kings (Lampropeltis getula nigrita) are no exception.

This female is a couple of years old now, slowly raised to maturity. We’re fortunate to have eight fertile eggs in the first clutch.

Here’s looking forward to those beautiful little black noodles!

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Mexican Black King snake action

Some Mexican Black King Snake (Lampropeltis getula nigrita) action for you! We love the feisty personality on these guys, and we’ve always had a thing for dark, iridescent animals.  MBKs bring personality and good looks to a nice little package.

What is it about solid black snakes that’s so interesting? We couldn’t tell you, but we have a thing for dark, iridescent snakes. Mexican Black Kings fit the bill because they’re solid black as adults with smooth scales. The smooth scales make them look very shiny, it really makes them stand out.

MBKs are also highly active animals, that seemingly never stop moving about their enclosures. Each of these qualities makes them a very neat colubrid to keep as a display animal. 😁🐍♥️#mbk #LampropeltisGetulaNigrita #MexicanBlackKingsnake #darrenhamillreptiles