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Snapped a picture of one of our Emerald

Snapped a picture of one of our Emerald Tree BoaSnapped a picture of one of our Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus) set-ups last night.

At this time of year our reptile room lights are off in the evening by the time we get home. Therefore, any photos taken our captured in the dark.

This particular animal was poised ready to be fed, although there was no rodents in the room 😂.

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As much as we love our emeralds

As much as we love our emeralds, we have some work to do with our videography. 😜 This is one of our adult female Northern Emeralds (Corallus caninus), nicely coiled up on her perch. We have one pair of emeralds together this year.

It’s been a few years since we produced Emeralds. Sure would be nice to see those beautiful red neonates again. Back in 2016 we were fortunate enough to produce a small litter of Northern Emeralds. This was our first attempt at reproducing Emeralds, and we were totally happy with the results. 

Last year (2017) we had two pairs of Emeralds together, however we were unsuccessful. The good news is that these animals have had a could of years to build up reserves, and with a little luck and patience, we hope to produce a litter neat year. 🙂

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Emerald Tree Boa Color Progression

Back in September 2016 I was fortunate enough to have produced a litter of Northern Emeralds (Corallus Caninus). I took some time today to snap a few photos of the Emerald Tree boa color progression.

After three months and several meals later, these guys are already starting to lighten up slightly. Comparing their birth pictures back in September, the green coloration has slightly increased, and the background red has stated to lighten.

Its been three months and each Emerald has taken several meals. I’ve yet to switch these over to frozen thawed, I’ve been pretty busy with a recent move. Once the emeralds are regularly eating frozen thawed, I’ll post them on the available page. 🙂 Thanks for looking!

Emerald Tree Boa Color Progression


Emerald & Amazon Update!

So it’s June 29th 2016 and I figured it was time for an Emerald & Amazon update. I’ve had some of you emailing me asking when these two females are due, so here’s the scoop!

The tree Boas are progressing nicely through their gestation. For the Emerald, I’m not entirely sure when she’s due to give birth. You see, this female didn’t have a post ovulation shed; instead she shed after courtship ended and she had already begun to swell. This is likely because here last shed was so close to the breeding season, and sometimes female boas won’t have a post ovulation shed as a result. However, she’s progressing nicely, and I’m looking forward to those brick red neonates at the end of the summer.

The Amazon female however shed at the beginning of April, which should make her due sometime around the end of October. Originally I believed I missed her ovulate and she would be due sometime in late June/early July. However we’re likely going to see an October birth for this female.

At this point both animals are off feed, and remain situated on their warmest perches in their enclosures.


Busy as bees…

This pair of Northern Emeralds are busy as bees, and its already the beginning of March.

Because this pairing had a bit of a slow start, I’ll have to be patient. Firstly it took several introductions of the male to the females cage to have the female accept the male. Upon first introductions, the female immediately defecated, therefore rejecting the male. Also, after several more introductions several days in between, the female would make every effort to ignore the males advances.

The gap between introductions affords me the opportunity to feed the animals. During breeding trials I generally reduce the amount of feed. Feeding intervals are stretched further apart, and I offer smaller meals. This male generally goes off feed early in the winter season. The female however has continued to feed so far this season.

In the following weeks I’ll be giving the animals a few days or more in between introductions, reading their body language and waiting for them to tell me when they’ve accepted one another. I have no doubt the male is up for the task, time will tell l when the females decides she’s ready as too.

Here’s to thinking positive! 🙂

Busy as Bees!

Emerald Tree Boas showing some interesting body language…

When I come home from work each evening, I take a few minutes to check over the animals, spot cleaning and make observations. Over the last week or so while viewing the emerald tree boas that have been paired this season. I’ve noticed the female perching different than usual, demonstrating some interesting body language.

The female’s been loosely perched, and looks somewhat distended in the lower third. Something makes me wonder if she’s building up for ovulation, or maybe she’s trying to psyche me out. It’s hard to tell sometimes with these animals.

What makes this tricky sometimes is the way emeralds perch; especially with larger animals on a small perch.  Unlike other arboreal boas I’ve worked with such as Amazons,  emeralds will partly expand their bodies when trying to coil tightly on a perch. It’s easier to see this effect on larger boas as they coil on a small perch, expanding their bodies around the perch. I’ll try to add a picture at a later date.

Anyways. I just thought I would share today’s findings.

Northern Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boas are starting up for the season!

Emerald Tree Boas breeding: I’ve started pairing the Emerald Tree boas (Corallus caninus) for the season; last week I introduced the male to the female’s enclosure at the end of the day, and by mid-evening the pair had started courtship. This is the first time I’ve paired these two animals, so I’m interested in seeing if the emeralds are as aggressive breeders as the Amazons are.

In the past I’ve produced Amazons and they were fairly aggressive breeders. Meaning, males would constantly be pursuing females around the cage

Thanks for looking!

Emerald Tree Boas Breeding