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Hog Island Boas are ready for their new homes!

Our 2020 Hog Island Boas are ready for their new homes! We finally found some time to take some pictures of the boas.

Hog Island Boas are ready for their new homes!
Hog Island Boas are ready for their new homes!

These boas are naturally hypo in color, featuring orange tail saddles with clean, background color, and light speckling. “Hog’s” as they’re affectionately called by keepers, are unique in the way they can vary in coloration.  Being light in color in in the early morning hours. their color hue tends to darken throughout the day. Our groups of pure Hog Isle boas that we’re working with have reduced speckling and vibrant orange tails.

Be sure to read our terms of service when purchasing an animal. We’ll always try to do our best to accommodate you best we can. Contact us for details.

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Suriname Red-tail Boas Available!

We have some captive bred and born Suriname Red-tail Boas (Boa constrictor constrictor) available, produced here at DHR. These boas are feeding on frozen thawed pink rats like champs and are ready for their new home.

For pictures of available animals, see link below. https://www.darrenhamillreptiles.com/available-specimens/

  • Shipping is available via Reptile Express or Air Canada Cargo.
  • Payments via Email money transfer (EMT) or cash. We offer 30-day payment plans too!

DHR has been working with a number of different boa species since that late 90’s. Producing Suriname Boas has been on our bucket list for a very long time. Years ago, we have a pair of Suriname Boas however, we never had the opportunity to reproduce them. The male we had at the time was too young and was uninterested in breeding the older female we had.  We ended up trading the pair for another project.

Fast forward several years and we have an awesome CBB adult male. This particular male is older and larger and has proven to be a successful breeder. Our female is a particularity old animal (10 years). The dam is also one of the largest BCCs we’ve ever seen, topping out at 18 kilograms (39 lbs.) Check out pictures of our adults.

Please contact us with any questions.


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