Online Resources

There are a number of resources we use, depending on what we’re interested in. I’ve come to rely on a number of online sources over the years (both old and new) that I wanted to share. I’ve listed a few below for your consumption.

Forum Resources:

I know, I know.. Everybody uses Facebook these days right? Well in my opinion nothing beats the “old school” forums! Why? Because in my experience, forums contain an archive of both old and new information from breeders and enthusiasts with different and valuable experiences to share. There are threads from years ago that still contain valuable information that you just don’t see in Facebook posts today. Therefore, I still consider these one of the best resources of information:

Facebook Groups:

Besides the fact that I prefer the old school forums, there are still a number of Facebook groups that I subscribe to.


For those of you that enjoy the research side of things:

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