Nicaraguan Boa

  • Boa constrictor imperator (LINNAEUS, 1758)
Natural Distribution
  • Nicaragua
Approximate Size
  • Males 1.2-1.4 meters (4-4.5 ft.)
  • Females 1.4-1.7meters (4.5-5.5 ft.)
Conservation Status
  • CITES Appendix II2

The Nicaraguan Boa occurs has two naturally occurring color variants, the normal or “Wild type” color, typical of most imperator, and “Hypo” color variant. The Hypo animals naturally occurring Hypomelanistic trait, making the snakes lose most of their black pigmentation. This makes the animals look orange in color.

In the pet trade, Nicaraguans have been line bred in order to bring out their naturally light coloration, further reducing the black pigmentation.


Nicaraguan boas are often collected in the wild and exported for the pet trade.

Nicaraguan Boa (Hypo)
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