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Hope everyone is managing well

Hope everyone is doing well
An adult female Rain Snake (Gonyosoma frenatum)

We hope everyone is managing well during these challenging times. COVID has presented many challenges. However, one of the benefits for us has been the opportunity to spend more time with our animals.

We thought we would share a photo of our adult female Rain Snake (Gonyosoma frenatus) . This is an arboreal species native to India, South China, Taiwan, and North Vietnam.

If you’re interested in reading more about this species, check-out this link.

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For those skinkers out there

For those Skinkers out there
A Solomon Island Ground Skink in a cork-round.

For those skinkers out there; we’ve seen virtually none of these unique skinks in collections. These Solomon Island Ground Skinks (Eugongylus albofasciolatus) are seldom seen in our hobby, and as far as we’re aware, have never been reproduced in captivity.

Solomon Island Ground Skinks have become our favorite skinks. Why? not because they’re popular, or cool, or brightly colored. These have become our favorites because of their exceptionally calm demeanor.

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2020 Hog Island Boas

Baby Hog Island Boas!

2020 Hog Island Boas (Boa imperator) has arrived! As some of you may know, these are some of our favorite boas; they’re small, beautiful, and have a great demeanor.

In a couple of weeks once they have all had their first shed and a few meals they’ll be ready for new homes. 🙂

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Fire Skink Eggs!

Fire Skink Eggs!
Fire Skink Eggs!

A few weeks ago we found these five perfect little Fire Skink eggs (Mochlus fernandi). This is our first time being fortunate enough to produce these cool little skinks.

Fire Skinks have a wide distribution over much of Africa including Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, and the Congo.

These small skinks also have a reputation for being flighty, though in our experience, adults are quite placid once accustomed to their surroundings.

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