Bolivian Boas

  • Boa constrictor amarali (STULL 1932)1
Natural Distribution
  • South East Bolivia, South Brazil, and Northern Paraguay
Approximate Size
  • Males 1.4-1.5 meters (4.5-5 ft.)
  • Females 1.5-1.8 meters (5-6 ft.)
Conservation Status
  • CITES appendix II2

Bolivian Short-tailed boas are a somewhat smaller Boa constrictor species compared to their larger northern cousins. These boas generally do not exceed more than five to six feet. Bolivians are stout heavier bodied boas (especially females), and are known to have among the largest litters of the Boa constrictor constrictor group.


The southern range of Bolivian Short-tailed boas are sometimes referred to as “Silver-back Bolivian Boas”. This is because a group of animals that had been imported to the US from the Sao Paolo, Brazil. This particular group of animals had a silver/grey coloration, which made them instantly popular among boa keepers, and they adopted the “Silver back” name.

Our pair of Silver-back Bolivians produced a littler of nine boas back in September 2015. However, this was the first breeding season for this female so we were quite happy to receive any of these beautiful boas.

Bolivian Short-tailed Boas (Boa constrictor amarali)

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