Boa Morphs

There are many different Boa Morphs in the hobby today, ranging in  different color and pattern mutations. Here are a few examples of what I have in my collection.

Leopard Boas

The Leopard Boa originated from a litter of what were believed to be normal Sonoran Desert Boas, produced by Hans Winner (Germany). Later Hans proved the Leopard trait as inheritable. Hans bred the offspring of the first pairing back to their parents and to each other, producing more leopard boas. Therefore proving the gene to be a recessive (heterozygous) trait. Leopard boas were named from their unique looking facial features along their face and lips, making them appear to have “whiskers”.

Hypo Motley Nicaraguan Boas

Hype Motley Boas are the result of crossing the Dominant Hypo gene with a Dominant Motley gene. When the Motley and Hypo genes combine they produce some strikingly nice hypo motleys.

Hypo Nicaraguan Boas

Hypo Nicaraguan boas are somewhat common in the wild, often collected by people in the field. Most often these are darker in color, (opposed to the typically light “Colombian” types) ranging from browns to oranges. These Hypo Nicaraguans have been line bred in order to bring out their naturally light coloration.

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