Available Leopard Boas (2020)

In July 2020 we produced a litter of Leopard Boas (Boa imperator). These boas are feeding on frozen thawed fuzzy mice every seven days.

  • Sire: Leopard
  • Dame: Hypo HET Leopard
  • DOB: July 8th 2020
  • Feeding on: Fuzzy mice every 7 days
  • Shipping via: Reptile Express or Air Canada Cargo

Leopard Boas are highly variable in color and pattern. Their dorsal pattern can range from varying numbers of spots that run from head to tail. Some animals may have a combination of spots, strips, or a combination of both. Their abdomens tend to range from orange to red in color and can have varying degrees of speckling. Often Leopards will have a pink/orange/gold colored head, and black eyes.

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